Historic Preservation

  1. County Historic Register

    The County Historic Register lists the historic landmarks and districts officially designated by the County Commissioners for their historical, cultural and architectural significance.

  2. Historic Buildings

    San MIguel County is home to many historic structures. Read more about preservation efforts.

  3. Historical Commission

    The Historical Commission’s goal is to preserve the cultural, architectural, and/or historic resources within the boundaries of San Miguel County.

  4. Historical Designation

    The Commission has developed an incentive program to encourage historic preservation. Incentives for property owners may include technical assistance, grants and matching funds.

  5. Procedure for Designation

    Look over step by step instructions on the procedure for designation.

  6. Qualifications for Designation as a Local Landmark

    Learn about what it takes to become a local landmark in San Miguel County.

  7. Reports

    Review reports that are relevant to the community from the Historical Preservation of Open Spaces.

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