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Reasons for the Addressing System

In order to help someone in an emergency, it is vital that law enforcement or the ambulance can find them! Consistent, methodical and well-signed addresses are critical for swift response.

Address Sign

The County addressing system is based on mileage. If your address is 1205, your driveway is 1.205 miles from the nearest major intersection. Odd numbers must always be on the north and west sides of the street; even numbers on the south and east. Numbers should always be in sequence, and positioned logically related to surrounding addresses. All of these factors combine to make an address system that can be easily understood. This means that many addresses that don't fit in the system are being changed. While this is an inconvenience, it might save your life.

Equally important are address and street signs that are reflective and readable, even at night. The County is currently placing address number signs like the 1 in the picture at the ends of people's driveways so an ambulance can see which driveway to turn in to. The County is also placing and replacing street signs.