Clerk & Recorder


**Updated March 31, 2020**

As of March 17, 2020 The San Miguel County Clerk and Recorders office will be closed to ALL IN PERSON traffic until at least APRIL 3, 2020 under the Emergency Orders put in place by San Miguel County Public Health Department.

We will continue to provide our services to the extent we are able during this time. Please check this page for updates and changes.   Some services may be temporarily unavailable. 

The Clerk and Recorders Office urges all residents to use any and all services that are available online. While we can accept mail we would prefer to limit the amount we take in. If you see that the service you need is available electronically we ask that you use that option in ALL cases. 

We have a limited staff available to respond to phone calls and emails. 

When contacting the Clerk’s office via phone during this time period please leave a message if your call isn’t answered immediately. There will be times that we cannot answer every call, though we WILL return every call.


  • All motor vehicle renewals should be done online.
  • If you have an issue renewing or obtaining the service you need online please call our office directly at 970-728-3954 or email 
  • Title transfers and first time registrations will be handled via mail or County Drop Box located at 333 W. Colorado Ave. - Telluride (Miramonte Bldg. under the stairs) and 1120 Summit Street- Norwood (Glockson Bldg.)
  • In all cases of title transfers and first time registrations please contact the Clerk and Recorder for direction regarding the required documents to be mailed to our office. Transactions of this nature will take a few days to process considering mail back and forth. All license plates and registrations will be mailed to you from our offices after they’ve been issued. The only form of payment available right now is credit or debit card over the phone. 
  • VIN Inspections will be provided by appointment only, in both Norwood and Telluride.  Please call our office at 970-728-3954 to arrange. 
  • Persons with Disability placard issuance will be handled via mail or fax. If you have a completed application for a placard please either fax (970-728-4808) or mail. We will mail the placard to you. 


  • All documents should be submitted via mail, the County drop box located at 333 W. Colorado Ave., Telluride (Miramonte bldg. under the stairs) or E-file.  If this is not possible, please contact our office for special instructions at 970-728-3954. 
  • All documents submitted will be recorded the day received if received by 1:00 PM
  • Payment for hard copy documents will be accepted via credit/debit card over the phone.
  • Please call our office if you have a Plat map or Survey that needs to be recorded for special instructions. 
  • Document searches can be done online
  • Call or email our office for document copies.

Please call our office directly with questions or concerns

Marriage License:

  • Marriage Licenses applications will be accepted via mail.  Please contact our office at 970-728-3954 for direction and instructions. Be aware that all completed applications and accompanying  documents will need to be mailed to the Clerk and Recorder before a License/Certificate is issued and mailed to you. Please allow additional time for this process. 

Vital Statistics:

  • No in person issuance of birth or death certificates. Applications can be accepted via mail only.  


  • Online voter registration available
  • The Elections Department webpage will be updated with any specific upcoming election info. 
  • Please call our office with any specific questions or concerns. 

Clerk and Recorder contact info:

Stephannie Van Damme- Clerk and Recorder

Phone: 970-728-3954

Fax: 970-728-4808


The Clerk’s Office provides a variety of services, which include document recording, motor vehicles licensing, elections, marriage licenses, and liquor licenses. The Clerk’s Office also acts as the Local Registrar to provide Birth and Death Certificate services. Please visit the Local Registrar page for more information.

The County Clerk is an Elected Official. Stephannie Van Damme was elected in 2018 and will be up for reelection in 2022.

The County Clerk is not the Clerk of the Court.

Other Courts

Many other courts have proceedings at the County Courthouse but are not associated with the San Miguel County Clerk.


Please visit our Elections page for information on special district, local, and national elections.