Food Safety

Food safety is a top priority for San Miguel County Public Health. Within SMCPH, the Environmental Health Department works to minimize and control the risk of food related illness through uniform standards for the retail food industry. 

See below for resources for businesses, individuals, and reporting:

  1. Retail Food Establishments

Retail Food Establishment Licensing

All food facilities in San Miguel County must be licensed and inspected on a regular basis based on the food protection statute. Plans for any new retail food facilities or upgrades to existing food facilities are required to be reviewed by Public Health to assure compliance with food industry standards.  

Public Health conducts food licensing and safety inspections are based on the Colorado Retail Food Rules and Regulations (6 CCR 1010-2) (CCR 1010-2 en espanol). 

Retail Food Establishment Applications:

Food Handler and Manager Training

Colorado food safety regulations require all food establishments to have a certified food safety manager. There are several opportunities to train staff. Click here for more information surrounding food safety manager certification.

Helpful Signs and Resources

  1. Restaurant Inspections
  1. Report a Food-borne Illness
  1. Cottage Foods