Waste & Recycling

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal 

Every spring, the Environmental Health Department partners with EcoAction Partners and other organizations to host a spring clean up event in the Telluride area. There are typically collections for electronic waste recycling, household waste, and household hazardous waste. Hazardous waste disposal is available in Norwood about every three years. 

Every summer, the county provides waste disposal in Egnar. Information and dates are provided at the Egnar-based Board of County Commissioners meeting. Fees may apply. 

Hazardous waste generated by municipalities and businesses are in a different waste category. To dispose of commercially generated hazardous wastes, small generators must contact Clean Harbors directly for hazardous waste disposal services. 

NOT ACCEPTED at the household hazardous waste event: 

Gas cylinders, compressed camp stove fuel, fire extinguishers, mixed hazardous materials, leaking containers, radioactive materials, smoke detectors, explosives or shock sensitive materials, and ammunition. 

Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste including used needles and DEA regulated medicines are not accepted by the disposal contractor. Contact the San Miguel County Coroner to dispose of human or pet medication.