Vegetation Control & Management


Nonnative invasive plants (weeds) pose a serious threat to the environment of San Miguel County.

The mission of the San Miguel County Weed Control Program is to halt the degradation of our environment by implementing an Integrated Weed Management Plan with the goal of preventing the introduction of new invaders, early recognition of those plants that do arrive and stopping the spread of common noxious weeds already present within the county.

Please contact Janet Kask with questions or concerns about the Integrated Weed Management Plan. 


We will seek to break down borders between jurisdictions by providing information and services to residents of the County as well as to the many other major landholders including Federal, State and local government entities.

For reasons of preserving functioning native ecosystems, protecting agricultural economics and fostering recreational and scenic values in Colorado, and specifically San Miguel County, the management of weed species is essential.