Zero Foodprint Restore Grants Available

County farmers and ranchers! The granting period for up to $25,000 for regenerative practices such as cover cropping, prescribed grazing, hedgerow establishment and more, is now open. Apply by October 20, 2023.

EcoAction Partners Certified Green Businesses

EcoAction Partners recognizes that the broad scope of sustainability can create an overwhelming list of possible projects to implement that can stall decision-making and action. We aim to help you navigate through the complex process of identifying, prioritizing, and selecting optimal sustainability actions for your facility. We will provide informed, quality recommendations that help you choose the best improvements for your facilities. This is a great opportunity for businesses to do their part to become more sustainable and showcase their efforts!

We offer a list of businesses that were certified Green Businesses in 2016 (PDF).

EcoAction Partners Green Building Certification Program.

Becoming a Certified Green Business

2006 Sustainability Inventory

San Miguel County joined with other local governments in 2005 - 2006 to research and publish a comprehensive regional sustainability inventory. The published document (PDF) is available online

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