Online Payments & Tax Information Search

Access the online tax payments and tax information search.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 970-728-4451.

How To Use

  1. Access the Online Tax Payments and Tax Information Search
  2. Read and click I have read the above statement
  3. Select "Public User Login"
  4. Enter either your account number or your last name (or LLC name) and select "Search"
  5. Your property information will show on a list. Double click on the line showing your property
  6. The next screen summarizes your account. From this screen you may pay online, print your property tax statement, print a taxes due summary, print receipts and see a history of taxes and payments on your property.

    Paying Online
    Notice: There are fees charged for paying online.
    • Credit / Debit card vendor fee: 2.5% fee charged to credit card
    • Electronic check payments: $2.50 per check transaction
    • Checkout cannot exceed $100,000 total
  7. After following instructions above, after your account opens, in top box on left side of the screen is a blue bar showing "Make Payment" where you have the option of paying a half payment or making full payment.
  8. After you select the payment, proceed to check-out and follow onscreen instructions.