County Offices

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San Miguel County Courthouse

305 W. Colorado Avenue, Telluride, CO

​7th Judicial District Court
Clerk and Recorder
  • Clerk
  • Elections
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Recording
District Attorney
Juvenile Diversion

San Miguel County Courthouse

Miramonte Building

333 W. Colorado Avenue, 2nd and 3rd Floors, Telluride, CO

Administration (3rd Floor)
Assessor (2nd Floor)
Attorney (3rd Floor)
Building (3rd Floor)
Commissioners (3rd Floor)
Commissioners Meeting Room #201 (2nd Floor)
Geographic Information Systems (2nd Floor)
Health and Environment (3rd Floor)
Information Technology (2nd Floor)
Parks and Open Space (3rd Floor)
Planning (3rd Floor)
Social Services (3rd Floor)
Miramonte Building

County West Wing Annex

335 W. Colorado Avenue, Telluride, CO

Human Resources
West Wing Meeting Room
County Annex

Glockson Building

1120 Summit Street, Norwood, CO

Colorado State University Extension
Motor Vehicles (limited hours)
Public Health (limited hours)
Road and Bridge
Social Services (limited hours)
Vegetation Management
Glockson Building

San Miguel Sheriff's Office

684 County Road 63L, Telluride, CO

Sheriff's Office Dispatch, Patrol, and Corrections
San Miguel Sheriff's Office