San Miguel Basin Fair and Rodeo

San Miguel Basin Fair

The San Miguel Basin Fair takes place every summer at the San Miguel County Fairgrounds in Norwood. The Fair Board has established volunteer committees to assist with planning for the annual event. We encourage community participation and also offer a $500 scholarship to qualifying high school seniors. Please download and complete the fillable PDF form, and return to the Fair Board. For more information, please contact Regan Snyder at Regan Snyder Email

Please visit the San Miguel Basin Fair Board page for board members and contact info.

San Miguel Basin Rodeo

The Norwood Roping Club coordinates the annual rodeo, which usually takes place the weekend after the fair. The 2023 Rodeo will take place on July 28-29. Visit the San Miguel Basin rodeo website for schedule details and to purchase tickets.

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General Fair and Rodeo

The 2023 San Miguel Basin Fair is scheduled for July 14 - July 23. Rules for the 2023 Fair have been updated to improve rule clarity and to be consistent with the Colorado State Fair rules, and the changes are highlighted in the memo included below. 

Important Upcoming Dates

  • The San Miguel Basin Rodeo takes place July 28th and 29th. Visit the rodeo website for more details.

Junior Livestock Minimum Weights and Average Daily Gain Requirements

  • Steers need to gain a minimum of  1.5lbs/day and weigh at least 1,050 pounds at fai
  • Goats need to gain a minimum of .15 lbs/day and weigh at least 50 pounds at fair
  • Lambs need to gain a minimum of .25 lbs/day and weigh at least 100 pounds at fair
  • Pigs must weigh between 220 and 300 pounds at the fair.

Lamb Goat Pig Weigh In Results (PDF)

We are incredibly proud of all of our 4-H and FFA kids for their dedication and perseverance during these challenging times. We would also like to thank all of the community members and businesses that continually step up to support these kids, either through sponsorships or through the purchase of livestock - we can’t thank you enough!