Energy Policies

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the proportion of energy generated by renewable energy sources such as solar, has long been a county priority.

"It is the policy of the County to encourage features in any development that will conserve energy resources and minimize the consumption of energy and to encourage the utilization and incorporation of energy conservation measures…and alternative energy sources, including but not limited to passive solar design, wind generation, geothermal, photovoltaic [emphasis added], hydrogen fuel cells, etc. for all construction in the County." (Article 2, Section 2-30 (PDF), San Miguel County Land Use Code).

The BOCC and County organization are working with local and regional partners to accomplish a 20% reduction of energy emissions in San Miguel County below 2009 levels by 2020 and also supports an 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions below 2009 levels by 2050 locally, statewide, and nationally (Resolution 2009-3 (PDF)).

We are actively engaged with EcoAction Partners and San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) which coordinate several local and regional programs that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. EcoAction Partners assists the county by tracking our progress toward these goals. In 2017, the BOCC joined the Colorado New Energy Improvement District and authorized it to conduct the Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program in San Miguel County (Resolution 2017-27).