Sheriff's Office Activity Logs

Our office responds to a variety of events and calls for service each day. To make it easier for citizens to follow these activities, we present the Public Information Log which publishes summary reports on law enforcement activity of our deputy sheriffs. Each report includes brief summaries of responses to calls about crime, complaints and arrests for specific dates. In addition, the Arrest Summary Report and Current Inmate List capture jail activities of our jail staff.

The Jail Activity Reports could be the result of another agency, such as the Telluride Marshal’s Department, Mountain Village Police Department, Norwood Marshal’s Office or the Colorado State Patrol.

The information provided allows for a timely snapshot of events in our community. The crimes reported here are preliminary, taken in the field by deputy sheriffs, and may or may not be followed by further investigation. Certain details of these incidents may have been removed due to active investigation integrity and/or release would be contrary to Colorado state laws.

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