Juvenile Services


Providing positive choices for youth.

The San Miguel Juvenile Services program accomplishes our mission by working in partnership with youth, their families, and a variety of local, county, municipal, public and private organizations to bring youth a positive learning experience and prevent further negative behavior. Juvenile Services is committed to preventing negative and criminal behavior in the youth at large. 

Juvenile Services and More

Juvenile Services staff serve San Miguel and Ouray Counties and provide the following services:

  • Community Education and Prevention and Early Intervention
  • Juvenile Diversion - Community and Criminal Justice referrals
  • Juvenile Justice Advocacy (Senate Bill 94 and SB 14-215)
  • Individual and Family Counseling and Medication
  • Integrated School and Community Engagement
  • Parent Support, Consultations and Coaching

Juvenile Diversion

The Juvenile Diversion Program offers first-time youth offenders (and appropriate 2nd-time youth offenders) a community alternative to a formal court filing and possible criminal record. Youth who have committed petty crimes such as shoplifting, assault, possession/consumption of alcohol or drugs, trespassing, disorderly conduct, theft, criminal mischief, and harassment are given the opportunity to complete a 6-month to 1-year contract with Juvenile Services trained staff. Once a contract has been successfully completed a youth does not have any charges related to their offense on their criminal record. offense on the job, college or military applications.

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