East End Master Plan

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The newest draft of the East End Master Plan (PDF) is available for review.

Read the letter from Lee Taylor, County Planning Commission Chair (PDF), published in the Telluride Daily Planet November 8, 2023

Planning Commission Meetings 

The San Miguel County Planning Commission meets the second Thursday of each month via Zoom and at County Meeting Room, 333 West Colorado Avenue, 2nd Floor. The agenda, with Zoom info will be posted on the Agendas and Minutes page under Open Government.

Community Meetings

The County and Design Workshop developed a community outreach plan that provided numerous opportunities and methods for the community and stakeholders to provide input throughout the planning process. All EEMP community outreach events have taken place.    

 Informational Displays and summaries are available.                                                                                                                                                                               

Advisory Group Meetings 

Advisory Group: Pam Bennett, Claudia Garcia Curzio, Kari Distefano, Amy Levek, Molly Norton, Mason Osgood, Tobin Brown (PC), Josselin Lifton-Zoline (PC), Lee Taylor (PC Alternate), Lance Waring (BOCC), Matt Gonzalez, Mike Bordogna, Kaye Simonson, John Huebner, Nicola Kerr

You can also participate by emailing us at masterplan@sanmiguelcountyco.gov.

Comments received by noon on the Thursday a week prior to the meeting will be included in the meeting packet. Comments received by noon the day before the meeting will be forwarded to the Planning Commission. Any comments received after that time will be held until the next meeting. (Please do not email Planning Commissioners directly. Email sent to Commissioners may not become part of the meeting record.)

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