What to know if you are sentenced to serve time at the San Miguel County Jail.

All persons sentenced to the San Miguel County Jail are responsible for the following prior to or at the time of arrival: 1) Bring a $30.00 booking fee (to be paid in cash at the time of reporting); 2) There is no parking at the jail; 3) Bring a picture ID as it is required; 4) Note that all medications must be pre-approved through the jail medical services (call jail for information). No medications will be permitted without approval of jail medical services; 5) DO NOT report to jail under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including marijuana); 6) All persons sentenced to the jail are required to work under statutory requirement; 7) DO NOT bring valuables other than cash for the purchase of commissary items, phone cards and/or booking fee; 8) Note that Commissary is once per week (Monday); 9) Visitation is once per week (Sunday), 2 pm to 5 pm. Picture ID is required.; 10) Phone cards must be purchased for phone use unless the phone being called can receive collect calls; 11) DO NOT bring books, magazines and/or newspapers to the jail. San Miguel County Jail has a publisher-only rule; 12) White undergarments may be brought to the jail. These items will be washed prior to usage. Women may bring in bras without a wire underwire; 13) Persons sentenced longer than two (2) weeks will be required to purchase personal hygiene items. Hygiene items are not allowed to be brought into the facility; 14) Bring all appropriate court paperwork with you. If you have further questions, call the Jail directly at 970-728-1911 (Option 2)

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