Are the schools going to shut down?

No, the local schools have set up online learning for all grades and this will continue through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. The Telluride School District and Norwood school districts are offering basic food assistance for families in need Monday-Friday. Please call 970-369-1205 for more information.

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1. Are lodging operators allowed to accept reservations under the Public Health order during the month of May? What about June and beyond?
2. Which Public Health order are we following, the State’s that goes through July 1st or the County’s?
3. Who can I reach out to for mental health concerns?
4. Who do I contact with non-medical questions?
5. Are the roads and public transit being shut down?
6. Are the schools going to shut down?
7. What businesses are open and which ones are not?