Will my contact information be shared with others?

No, the information you provide will only be used by San Miguel County to send you alerts. Your contact information will never be sold to an outside entity.

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1. What is the San Miguel County Alert and Warning System?
2. What types of notifications will I receive from GEM?
3. How do I register?
4. How will I know if a phone call, email, or text is coming from San Miguel County Alert and Warning?
5. Who can register?
6. Are there instructions to register?
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9. Do I need to provide an address or location?
10. What if I live in another county but work or play in San Miguel County?
11. Will my contact information be shared with others?
12. What are some reasons alerts from San Miguel County Alerts may not be delivered to me?
13. My contact information has changed, how do I update it?
14. How do I remove my information from the system?
15. I am having trouble signing up – who can I call for assistance?