General Development Permit FAQ's

1. When do I need a Development Permit? 

When adding square footage to any structure. 

When building any new structure including accessory buildings. 

When changing the use of a structure. 

When building a driveway or private road or moving the location of an existing driveway.

When drilling a well.

When doing utility work. 

When making modifications to Cell Phone Towers. 

When building a structure or modifying the site after a Land Use Approval ie. Wetland or Special Use Permit. 

2. How do I apply for a Development Permit? 

  1. Navigate to:

  2. Select “My Portal” followed by “Apply Online”.

  3. Create an account.

  4. From the drop down list of categories select “Planning”.

  5. Select the black outlined circle to the left of “Development Permit”.

  6. Enter your address using SmartGov’s autofill; do not use your browser's autofill.

  7. Alternatively, click on “I want to enter a parcel number instead” above to use your property's parcel number.

  8. When you are finished filling out the details and uploading your submittals, click the green button at the top right of your application to pay the application fee.

  9. Select “Submit Application” at the bottom of the page.

3. How do I check on the status of my Development Permit? 

  1. Sign into your SmartGov account. 

  2. Select “My Portal” followed by “My Applications”.

  3. Any applications you see under “Applications in Progress'' were not fully submitted. Click on the blue permit number to see what you are missing. 

  4. Click the drop down arrow underneath the “Active” tab to see your permit applications that are under review. 

  5. Select your application by clicking on the blue permit number.

  6. In yellow at the top of the page will be your application status.

  7. Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Permit Approval Steps’. 

  8. If you see the message, (see notes), next to a review agent, select it to see staff feedback. This feedback will also be automatically emailed to you in the form of a deficiency notice. 

4. What is needed for my revegetation plan?

Please include a narrative describing your intent to reseed any disturbed surfaces with native seed, as well as any other landscaping measures being proposed.  For larger or more detailed projects, drawings should be included. 

5. What are Setbacks? 

Setbacks are the distance between the the nearest surface of the building or structure, ie. a roof overhang, and the property line. Find out what the minimum setbacks are, and other useful information for your Zone District, with Article 5 of the San Miguel County Land Use Code:

6. What is a Site Plan? 

A site plan is a clearly labeled map showing any proposed development in relation to the whole property, with all existing and proposed structures, utilities i.e. well and OWTS, setbacks, and driveway access to the connecting road clearly displayed.

7. How do I know which Zone District I am in? 

Use our interactive Zone District finder map

If you are located in the West End Zone District of the County you do not need a Development or a Building Permit.  However, certain uses may require approval of a Land Use application.

8. What do I need to include in my Driveway construction plan? 

Please include: a cross section of the driveway showing construction materials and average width, a profile grade line displaying fluctuations in grade through the entirety of the driveway length, and a site plan showing the driveway’s road access, curve radii, and turnarounds. The cross section and grading should show positive drainage.

9. When do I need a Wetlands Special Use Permit? 

When there is the potential for development or utility work in a wetland or within 100 feet of a wetland. See LUC Section 5-22. 

10. What other permits will I need? 

Depending on your project type you may be required to obtain:  

  • A Well Permit from the Colorado Division of Water Resources 

  • An Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Permit (SmartGov) 

  • A Road Access Permit if your driveway is accessed from a county road (SmartGov)

  • A Building Permit if you are building any structure greater than 200 square feet. Structures under 200 square feet will also require a building permit if utilities are proposed (SmartGov) 

11. How do I get an address assigned? 

An address will be assigned by our GIS department during the review of a Development Permit application. A site plan with the driveway’s divergence from the main road clearly displayed is necessary.  If you are in the West End zone district, you can use SmartGov to apply for a West End Address Permit online. You will need to submit a site plan as part of your application.

12. How long is my Development Permit valid? 

Construction must begin within one year of a Development Permit’s issuance, or re-application may be necessary. 

13. Can I apply for multiple projects on one Development Permit? 

You may include plans for the construction of your driveway as well as your home or accessory structure in one application. 

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