If a resident leaves San Miguel County, will they be able to come back in?

There will not be any barricades into or out of San Miguel County, but we ask that you limit out of county travel for essential purposes only and comply with all social distancing requirements (6 foot distance, frequent handwashing for 20 seconds etc)  (see page 10-11 in the order). These include, but are not limited to: essential activities, government functions, businesses; travel to care for elderly, minors, dependents and persons with disabilities; travel to return to your home; travel required by law enforcement or court order.

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1. Who can I reach out to for mental health concerns?
2. Which Public Health order are we following, the State’s that goes through April 26 or the County’s through May 1st?
3. Who do I contact with non-medical questions?
4. How long is the shelter in place order for?
5. Are the roads and public transit being shut down?
6. If a resident leaves San Miguel County, will they be able to come back in?
7. Are restaurants open? What about liquor stores/cannabis shops?
8. What about second homeowners and visitors?
9. What if I have guests booked in my properties?
10. What about construction sites?
11. Can construction sites continue to operate with minimal staff as long as they maintain social distancing and have only local workers?
12. Can the crew secure the site, do temporary shoring up of structural areas?
13. I am a plumber/electrician/provide another home service, should I still make house calls?
14. Can we do interior trim or exterior siding or other work if our crews are locals only?
15. What about emergency repairs, frozen pipes or dangerous wiring?
16. Can realtors show properties as long as they maintain social distancing?
17. Are the schools going to shut down?
18. What is considered an essential business?
19. Can you do snow removal on sites?