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2022 Non Profit Grant Request

  1. Note that there is no guarantee of 2022 funding even if an organization has received funding in prior years.

    Please submit by September 17, 2021, 5:00 PM MST

  2. San Miguel County Colorado
  3. Part 1: Organization Information
  4. [If applicant does not have 501(C)3 or non-profit status]
  5. Part 2: Grant Request
  6. Ex: "Funds will be used for the summer circus program ($9,270)" Staffing: $5,500 Materials: $1,225 Insurance: $2,545 Total Request: $9,270
  7. Geographical location of where funds will be expended:
    Quantify the percentage of programs/activities accessible to the community in each geographical location (percentage should add up to 100%):
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