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Open Records Requests

  1. San Miguel County Open Records Request Form
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    To ensure that any member of the public will be provided reasonable access to public records covered under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA).
    San Miguel County is a public entity and its business documents and records are generally public in nature and are available to the public for inspection. The majority of requests by the public can be handled by staff when a member of the public walks in and makes the request to review a document or records. In order to maintain the integrity of public records, or the effective functioning of a county office or department, and for security reasons, certain conditions for reviewing or obtaining copies of records may apply. In addition to this policy, elected officials may also develop their own policies and procedures regarding public records in their custody.
  5. A response to a written request for public records will also be in writing and will be made within three working days or, when extenuating circumstances apply, within seven working days, (§ 24-72-203(3)(b), CRS). You will be notified within three working days if there are extenuating circumstances that do not allow us to respond to your request within three working days.

  6. Applicable fees for obtaining public records are to be charged based on the specific office or department procedures and actual costs to provide the requested record(s). Offices or departments are directed to publish and post a written policy and to inform the public up front concerning, the fee(s) to be charged § 24-72-205(6)(a), CRS. The public should request an estimate of the cost of its information request if they are requesting a substantial number of copies or extensive research by the record custodian.
    Please complete this request form as accurately as possible and with as many details as possible. A request which is vague, broad, or which seeks voluminous records, may cause a delay in the time in which the County can produce the records.
  8. Please fill out the address section if you wish to have the records mailed to you.
  9. Please be as detailed as possible and be sure to include any pertinent names, date ranges, and the department you think may be in possession of the record.
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