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Vegetation Management Cost Share Program

  1. San Miguel County
    San Miguel County, Colorado Logo – Scenic Mountain views, river runs through it with cultivated fiel
  2. San Miguel County Vegetation Control and Management

    P.O. Box 130

    Norwood, Colorado 81423


    FAX: 970-327-4090

  3. San Miguel County Vegetation Control and Management Noxious Weed Cost Share Program
    • Cost share funds will be limited to 50% of the herbicide cost or $125 per acre whichever is lowest, with up to $500 cost covered by the cost share. Chemicals must be purchased through the county. Cost share monies are limited, therefore ineffective materials, incorrect rates, less than optimum timing, and any off label treatments will not be eligible for reimbursement. All materials purchased must be used in the current season.  
    • Cost share funds are limited, and will be dispersed until exhausted.  
    • Applications MUST denote acreage and weed species to be treated. Only weeds on the Colorado Department of Agriculture noxious weed list will be eligible. If you need help in identifying the weeds of concern contact the Vegetation Management Department – 970-327-0399 to schedule an appointment.  
    • All applications are subject to review by the San Miguel County Vegetation Manager.  
    • Before and after treatment photos are highly desired. 
  4. San Miguel County Vegetation Control and Management Cost Share Application
  5. Legal description and/or street address

  6. Release and Indemnity Agreement for Cost Share Program
    1. The undersigned wishes to participate in the Noxious Weed Cost Share Program for the purpose of controlling noxious weeds. A weed management plan along with a map of the proposed treatment area must be attached to this application.  
    2. The undersigned is a volunteer cost share program participant.  
    3. Applicant must be over 18 years of age.  
    4. The undersigned owns the land where the treatments will be applied.  
    5. The undersigned acknowledges that the control of weeds through the use of herbicides, mechanical treatments, and other methods can be dangerous and hazardous activities. The undersigned also acknowledges that there may be hazards not immediately apparent in the use of these methods. The undersigned, therefore, certifies that he/she will strictly adhere to the label restrictions of any herbicides applied and will exercise caution in the use of all other methods of weed control.  
    6. The undersigned, aware of these factors, undertakes activities in the Weed Cost Share program at his/her own risk. And releases the Board of County Commissioners, San Miguel County, the Vegetation Management Department and the employees, any other agents and assigns of San Miguel County. 
    7. Further, the undersigned agrees to fully defend and indemnify all entities and individuals from any claim or lawsuit or loss by any third party(ies) resulting from the undersigned’s participation in the Weed Cost Share Program, including application of herbicides to the undersigned land.  
    8. Nothing in this Release and Indemnity Agreement shall be construed as or in intended to be  a waiver of governmental immunity under Colorado law. 
  7. Acknowlegment

    By typing your name and date above, you are electronically signing the document and agree to abide by the document provisions according to the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, C.R.S. §24-71.3-101 et seq.

  8. Noxious Weed Management

    Any additional management beyond herbicides

  9. A map or sketch of the project area MUST be attached. Please indicate weed species, location, and any roads, irrigation ditches, fences, buildings, etc. 

  10. It is the landowner’s responsibility to fill out the application.

  11. For assistance call – San Miguel County Vegetation Management at 970-327-0399

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