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Bid Title: Diamond Ridge Community Housing Development Plan RFP
Category: Professional Services
Status: Closed




Diamond Ridge Community Housing Neighborhood

Request for Proposal

November 7, 2022

1.   ISSUING ENTITIES and RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYEES: San Miguel County (SMC), Colorado and Town of Telluride (TOT), Colorado

James Van Hooser, Assistant County Manager (SMC); 

Lance McDonald, Program Director (TOT)

2.   PROJECT PURPOSE:  In 2022, San Miguel County and the Town of Telluride jointly acquired three parcels of land, comprising 105 acres, on Deep Creek Mesa, just northwest of the Telluride Regional Airport (TEX). In May 2022, approximately 39 acres were rezoned to the Community Housing (CH) Zone District (SMC LUC Section 5-324) to allow for the development of clustered housing for people who live and work within San Miguel County. Portions of the project will be subject to income limitations. 

The County and the Town are issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the purpose of selecting a qualified and experienced consultant team to assist the jurisdictions in preparing a development plan for this proposed Diamond Ridge Community Housing Neighborhood. 

3.   SCOPE OF WORK:  The selected consultant will work with County and Town staff to prepare a Development Plan for the Diamond Ridge property. 

The scope of work is divided into 3 main categories:

1.  Public Engagement

The Town and the County are committed to an open, accessible, and transparent public process on the development of a plan for Diamond Ridge. The successful respondent will be prepared to develop a detailed public engagement plan, including in-person and online options for soliciting community input and feedback. Outreach and engagement will include contacts with referral agencies and other community organizations.

Community outreach shall be inclusive, and alternative methods of outreach will be used to ensure a broad segment of the population has opportunities to participate in the planning process. The selected consultant will also be asked to develop a project website and provide materials in English and Spanish to enable participation from all members of the Telluride Regional community.

The successful respondent will be a creative and experienced team with a public engagement approach where County and Town staff and the consulting team can work collaboratively with the community.  A variety of innovative, digital and in-person methods should be used. San Miguel County will provide GIS related data.

2.  Process Proposal

The successful respondent will propose a comprehensive process to successfully develop plans that will realize a high-quality, livable, affordable housing development within the 39 acres zoned Community Housing (CH) while planning the remainder of the 105 acre parcel with significant parks and open space. This process will be finalized and adopted with input from the landowners (San Miguel County and the Town of Telluride).

3.  Site Specific Development Plan

The successful respondent will demonstrate the aptitude and ability necessary to prepare a site specific development plans and any other necessary permit applications to effectuate the agreed upon vision of the Diamond Ridge community housing site, including several design alternatives. Required plan components shall include but not be limited to the following:

§  Development design, including graphic representation and massing models

§  Cost estimates

§  Public engagement plan

§  Infrastructure plans

§  Water & sewer plan

§  Grading plan

§  Detailed engineering plans

§ Landscaping Plan

§  Wildlife plan

§  Traffic engineering

§  Site plan

§  Drainage plan

§  Dust control plan

§  Weed control plan

§  Open space planning

§  Emergency action plan


§  RFP Issued:  November 7, 2022

§  Questions submitted: November 17, 2022

§  Response to questions posted: November 21, 2022

§  Submission Deadline: December 21, 2022

§  Review RFP responses and select finalists: Week of January 2, 2023 or TBD

§  Interviews (may be conducted via Zoom): Week of January 9, 2023

§  Selection of Contractor:  Week of January 16, 2023

§  Commencement of Work:  February, 2023 or as agreed upon

§  Draft Plan due: September, 2023

5.   INQUIRIES:  Additional information or clarifications about this RFP can be obtained by contacting both James Van Hooser, Asst. County Manager (SMC), and Lance McDonald, Program Director (TOT), . Questions must be submitted in writing/via email by 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 17, 2022.  Responses to questions will be compiled and posted at on Monday, November 21, 2022.


Submission Deadline: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Submissions shall be transmitted electronically.  Submissions may be emailed to .  Thumb drives may be mailed to San Miguel County, Attn: James Van Hooser , PO Box 1170, Telluride, CO  81435, or delivered to 333 West Colorado Avenue, 3rd floor, Telluride, CO 81435 (call first for in-person drop-off).

A copy of the RFP and associated documentation may be obtained on the County’s website at

7.   PROPOSAL CONTENTS:  A duly authorized official must sign statements of qualifications.  Consortia, joint ventures, or teams submitting proposals, although permitted and encouraged, will not be considered responsive unless it is established that all contractual responsibility rests solely with one contractor or legal entity that is not a subsidiary or affiliate with limited resources.  Each submittal should indicate the entity responsible for execution on behalf of the team. Prior experience and history of the team members working together in previous projects is preferred. Firms or teams will be evaluated, among other things, as to relevant experience in site development planning of affordable housing in mountain resort communities; demonstrated ability to begin and complete the work; and feedback from references.

Proposals must include the following information:

A.   Firm identification: Name and Address of firm(s) and identification of lead consultant/project manager.

B.   Firm Composition: Identify all key firm and staff members for this project, indicating their respective roles and responsibilities and related experience and qualifications. Include resumes and references.  Also describe available equipment, programs and resources that will be available to the team.

C. Firm Qualifications: Provide descriptive materials of the Consultant's recent similar work. These materials should demonstrate significant expertise and experience in the following:

i.    Solid understanding of community planning processes.

ii.    Experience with quantitative and qualitative data analysis and compilation.

iii.  Understanding of communities and unique attributes of the rural resort region.

iv.  Experience working with local government, including elected and appointed officials, community-based organizations and other stakeholder groups.

v.  Working knowledge of planning principles and practices.

vi.  Demonstration of effective communication frameworks and community engagement on past projects.

vii. Demonstration of effective graphical and modeling presentations of site development plans.

viii.  Demonstration of familiarity with San Miguel County and any other work currently taking place in or that has taken place in San Miguel County. 

D. Description of Project Approach and Organization: Provide a concise statement describing the proposer's approach and ability to satisfy the requirements of the RFP. The statement should also identify techniques the Consultant would use to maintain the project schedule.  For each distinct task included in the approach identified, the proposal should include the name of the lead staff person.

E.   Work Load: Provide a statement indicating when the firm is able to start this project and the expected timeline to provide deliverables.  Identify all personnel and resources that will be available for the project.  List other major projects the Consultant will be involved in during the same time, if known. 

F.   Fee Structure/Budget: In selecting the Consultant, consideration will be given to the cost to complete project scope. Describe the proposed fee basis for services and related activities, with a “not to exceed” (maximum) price for services rendered.

G. References: Provide Names, Addresses and telephone numbers of at least three client references to whom the applicant has provided services similar to the project described in the RFP.  Provide links to at least three (3) examples of plans the applicant has created for similar communities.

8.   EVALUATION CRITERIA: The selected proposal will be the one considered the most advantageous regarding price, quality of service, qualifications and capabilities of respondent to provide the specified service, ability to meet timelines indicated in the draft scope of work, respondent’s familiarity with San Miguel County/the Telluride region and any other factors the County and the Town of Telluride may consider as determined by San Miguel County and the Town of Telluride at their sole discretion.

9.   DELIVERABLES:  The Deliverable(s) will include a draft development plan for the Diamond Ridge Community Housing Neighborhood that is ready for submission and consideration before the County Planning Commission (CPC) and Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). The final Deliverable will include plans and documents suitable as a site specific development plan for submission to CPC and BOCC to entitle property with uses consistent with the developed plan.

In addition to the CPC and BOCC hearings, community outreach meetings are expected and required. It is expected that the Consultant will optimize in-person visits and utilize online platforms and tools for efficiency where appropriate and productive.

10. REJECTION OF SUBMISSIONS:  The County and the Town reserve the right to reject any or all submissions, to waive informalities and irregularities in the submissions received, and accept any portion of any submission if deemed in the best interest of the County and the Town.

11. OWNERSHIP OF RESPONSE MATERIAL:  All materials submitted regarding this RFP become the property of the County and the Town and will only be returned at the option of the County and the Town. Information submitted is subject to the Colorado Open Records Act.

12. INCURRING COST:  The County and the Town are not liable for any cost incurred by entities prior to executing a contract or purchase order.

13. INSURANCE:  It is desirable that respondents carry insurance in the approximate amounts set forth below.  Respondents who carry lower limits should state so in the proposal.

A.   Commercial General Liability Insurance:  Comprehensive general liability insurance insuring against any liability for personal injury, bodily injury or death arising out of the performance of the Services with at least One Million Dollars and Ninety Five Thousands Dollars ($1,195,000) each occurrence.

B.   Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance:  Comprehensive automobile liability insurance insuring against any liability for personal injury, bodily injury or death arising out of the use of motor vehicles and covering operations on or off the site of all motor vehicles controlled by Contractor that are used in connection with performance of the Services, whether the motor vehicles are owned, non-owned or hired, with a combined single limit of at least One Million One Hundred and Ninety Five Thousands Dollars ($1,195,000).

C. Professional Liability Insurance:  Errors and omissions professional liability insurance insuring Contractor against any professional liability with a limit of at least One Million One Hundred and Ninety Five Thousands Dollars ($1,195,000) per claim and annual aggregate.

D. Other Insurance:  Worker’s compensation insurance (unless Contractor provides a completed Declaration of Independent Contractor Status Form) and other insurance required by applicable law. 

14.       EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER:  San Miguel County and the Town of Telluride are Equal Opportunity Employers. Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit qualifications in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on grounds of race, color, gender or national origin. 

15.       SUPPORTING INFORMATION:  Relevant information on planning in San Miguel County that may be of use can be found at Additional information can be found in the Related Documents section of this bid.

Publication Date/Time:
11/7/2022 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
12/21/2022 5:00 PM
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